About Textile Activities

Our firm can offer services with 75,000,000+ shawl weaving and 15 million metres woven fabric capacity per year.

Adopting innovation and development as a principle has become the most important factor for our rapid development from yesterday up to this day; with our flexible structure that can match the changing world, we managed to make the connection with our customers permanent.
Naz Group carried its brand recognition to the highest level especially in the North Africa region and supplies products in 17 countries with containers under registered Naz Şal brand.

Naz Group formed gentlemanlike relationship based on mutual trust with business partners as well as the competitors in a competitive commerce sector and contributed to this sector with quality service-oriented approach. Service quality is settled as a natural reflects due to uncompromising customer satisfaction.

Woven Fabric Manufacturing

Naz Group operates in knitted fabric and woven textile manufacturing and it is the supplier and strategic partner of various global brands both in our country and around the world.


We have high factory efficiency with modern facilities, machinery and equipment, safe and clean working conditions and high-efficiency operators.

High Capacity

We have 75 million shawl and scarf manufacturing capacity per year with 8 different locations with our technology and manufacturing investments.